Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Day 1 cont'd

We sent one van to Muzafarabad this afternoon, are expecting it to return tomorrow a.m., so hopefully will get some feedback on the situation there.

We now have 3 vans available from tomorrow morning, and are coordinating our efforts primarily with the NGO Sungi. Their office in Isb has large amounts of relief goods building up here.

Now that we've started telling people what we're doing, we're beginning to get calls from people who need help. As the bigger towns & cities affected (eg Muzafarabad) are being served by the larger agencies (who are more effective at doing this), we would like to focus on some of rural areas getting no aid. The affected region is scattered with remote villages, often no-one seems to know these exist except people in the next village along! We are getting calls from people who's chowkidars (watchmen) are from these areas - they are willing to go along to direct any relief vans we can arrange. The 3 vans we hope to send tomorrow a.m. are to villages in the Bagh & Poonch districts.

Many goods are in short supply here - e.g. the Nestle distributor we tried to buy packaged milk from (for children) told us they've sold out in Islamabad and there won't be any more till Thurs. Tents in particular seem to be expensive items that are largely unavailable. We have some people donating plastic sheeting/tarpaulins to us which we hope can be used to construct makeshift shelter. Their was a 30 minute torrential downpour in Isb this afternoon, mixed with a hailstorm with huge hailstones - thata doesn't bode well for what the weather's like further out in the hills.

Tents - maybe someone in the US/UK could look into where these are available in bulk? It sounds like they're pretty essential. I'd think a cost-effective way might be to see if we can find manufacturers in say China or India who can quickly & cheaply ship large quantities. Just a thought...


At 3:01 PM, Blogger Dil-E-Nadaan said...

God Bless you. You are doing something that most of us only talk about doing. You have made that talk into action. I will be reading regularly, and will help in any way I can from here. Thank you for doing what you are doing, thank you for being a voice from the chaos that we can trust. Fi Aman Allah.

At 3:39 PM, Blogger shenaaz said...


i emailed them, along with a couple other companies - am waiting to hear back. you may want to contact them directly from there.

i feel so helpless - nermeen put it best - hats off to you guys.

At 2:03 AM, Blogger London HQ said...

We have initiated collection of warm clothes, blankets etc and the response so far has been overwhelming. Mehfil-e-Ali has provided us space and many people have vounteered to help co-ordinate.
PIA have agreed to transport free cargo and we are hoping the stuff will be in Isb by Sat.
Keep up the good work !!
London HQ

At 8:51 AM, Blogger Ibn Abdul said...

Am currently in discussions with the Islamic Society of Britain who have a good few hundred tents left over from their recent Living Islam Camp, will keep you posted on progress

At 1:56 PM, Blogger Ali_Kazmi said...

Guys - can we have some confirmation on Mehfil Ali and PIA transporting stuff. Have a load of blankets to be cut which can be delivered to Pakistan. Need to be advised where to deliver them and who will take them forward...thanx

At 10:53 PM, Blogger shenaaz said...

ibn abdul - glad to hear of postive results for tents! i keep getting responses from money hungry companies offering 'an exciting' deal of at least 50 bucks a pop.

damn corporations.

At 4:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Salaams - M, K's looking into this at a local level, it seems that people are having blankets and sheets stitched into tents b/c of lack of tents in Pakistan. Sadly, they are also working on stitching old billboard skins - even if paint on one side is actually toxic, because of lack of supply.

Have forwarded emails to friends to tell them to post on eBay, and get donations/buy them and send them across PIA. Shenaaz - $50 is GREAT. In Pakistan, (if they're available) they're going for Rs. 7,500 (around $122) - can someone in the US/UK spearhead a tent campaign maybe? Although Oxfam's pledged 60,000 of them, I know they're not going to be enough . . .

Will keep you posted if hear anything.


At 7:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For all its worth - I'm sure this going to get used up fast, but off a blog:

"Saadie posted this link to a tent manufacturing company on a comment on this blog - according to the e-mail they sent him, the company Babson Noller Corporation have a stock of tents and blankets, which are ready for immediate delivery.

Rayhan Ahmad
Director: Babson Noller Corporation
Tel: 9221-5874214/5 Fax: 9221-5874162
Cell: 92-300-823-9990 (24 hours)
Email: bnc@madeinpakistan.com"

At 11:12 AM, Blogger shenaaz said...

its actually 65 bucks, but still much better then 100! And here i have been doing lanath on the company!

I'm on it - am organizaing with u mich's pak relief org to generate funds and buy tents asap. PIA is also sending things domestically - the company is in Khi - so we should have them sent where?

bit of details would help, as we are taking folks money.

At 11:13 AM, Blogger shenaaz said...

that last bit was meant to be a question - is PIA sending things domestically - dont see why they wouldnt?

At 10:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aight folks - I've got some friends in the US working on collecting/ordering tents. Shenaaz, sent you an email separately. If anyone else would like to help with tent efforts, please email me or shenaaz.


At 4:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

might want to try these numbers for ur tents:
Siddiqsons Group
Manufacturers and exporters of denim and cotton canvas tents, tarpaulins etc.
Address: D-53, Textile Avenue, SITE, Karachi - 75700, Pakistan
Phone: +(92)-(333)-3328779 Fax: +(92)-(21)-6344966

Noor Fabrics Private Limited
Manufacturers and exporter of tarpaulins.
Address: R. l. 24, M. C. H. S., Near Shah Rae Faisal, Karachi - 75350, Pakistan
Phone: +(92)-(21)-4530600 Fax: +(92)-(21)-4935562

City Textiles (Private) Limited
Exporters of tents, tarpaulins, mops, coveralls, canvas etc.
Address: Fahad Plaza, 14-l, Gulberg-III, Lahore - 54000, Pakistan
Phone: +(92)-(42)-5841000 Fax: +(92)-(42)-5834862

Shaikh Combined Industries Private Limited
Manufacturers and exporters of all type of canvas tents, tarpaulins.
Address: 69-71/A, Ravi Road, Lahore - 54000, Pakistan
Phone: +(92)-(42)-7722890/7704004/7702058 Fax: +(92)-(42)-7722432

Sunder International
Exporters of tents, canvas and tarpaulins.
Address: 53/A, Feroze Colony, Abu Bakar Street, Out Fall Road, Lahore - 54000, Pakistan
Phone: +(92)-(42)-7213381 Fax: +(92)-(42)-7233583

Manufacturers and exporters of tents, tarpaulins covers for vehicles, industrial clothing coveralls.
Address: 30, Westridge-1, Rawalpindi - 46000, Pakistan
Phone: +(92)-(51)-5463344 Fax: +(92)-(51)-5470665

Manufacturers and exporters of tarpaulins and tents.
Address: 17, Civic Centre, Ist Floor, New Garden Town, Lahore - 0425, Pakistan
Phone: +(92)-(42)-5875660 Fax: +(92)-(42)-5863758

Universal Trading Corporation, Lahore
Manufacturers & Exporters Of All Types Of Canvas Tents, Tarpaulins, Janitorial Floor Mops Etc.
Address: Al Faisal Town, D Block, P. O. Box 6031, Lahore Cantt - 54810, Pakistan
Phone: +(92)-(42)-6630501/6630190 Fax: +(92)-(42)-6630791

N. S. Enterprises
Manufacturers And Exporters Of, Canvas, Tents, Tarpaulins, Bags, Cleanin Mops, Duck, 100% Cotton And Pc Yarn /grey/ Bleached/printed And Dyed Fabric, Twills, And Allied Textile Products.
Address: Suit No. 2, 2nd Floor, Imtiaz Centre Gulberg, Lahore - 53000, Pakistan
Phone: +(92)-(42)-5763441 Fax: +(92)-(42)-5763442

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